City Specific Show

Welcome to Urban Tale

Urban Tale is a City Specific show of Performing and visual Arts in urban spaces: Vertical Dance, Video Projections, Drones, Video Design , Live Music and Live Cinema. Urban Tale is the story of an intelligent, interactive and invisible city, and the City where it will be performed, it is both form and substance of the Show, actor and stage, through a specific video, musical and technological creation, assigned to every repeat performance of the Show..

It's an urban tale for people and machines, it's a free fall for human and digital eyes, a short circuit of glances, in which technology becomes an actor that helps us to converse with the vertical dance and the public space, explored from unusual points of view, discovered in a perspective never seen before. The show addresses to everyone with no limit of age, of geographical or cultural belonging.
"A random city in any day.
A vertical stage.
Dance, Music and technology.
It's the story of the encounter of two eyes,
one human and one digital.
It's a tale of Gestures, Images and Sounds."


Vertical dance interacting with Videomapping Design and Live Vjing. Vertical dance uses everything that is vertical as support for movement , it originates from the idea of integrating dance and space, exploring new modes of perception of the gestures and new points of view in relationship to the architectural and natural environment.


Urban Tale founds its being on a closeness relationship and on the exchange with the city and its citizens. It is a tale in the form of a show, which completes itself going from city to city, creating a contact with the urban architectures and sharing their building with the citizens, so remodelling and changing its shape every time.


The musics of the show also originates from the sharing of cultures and territorial properties. The music of the shows are realized thanks to the contribution of local music realities, such as Orchestras, Ensambles, Musical groups, with which the “European sound-track” will be composed.


Bergamo, Italy
Phone: +39 347.2214440